Services for CRM implementation

CRM services:

  • Free presentation of CRM system
  • Consultations for preparation for CRM implementation project
  • Express examination of a client company
  • Implementation of CRM system
  • Support of CRM system
  • Audit of results of CRM implementation

Service and support for users of CRM system:

Free services:

  • Free delivery and setup of the CRM system
  • Free consultation line
  • Providing of free program updates through Internet
  • Free workshops on CRM technologies
  • Demonstration days “CRM International”

Paid services:

  • Emergency visit of a specialist
  • Training how to work with the CRM system
  • Consultations on methods of use of CRM system
  • Hourly work (programming, consultations)
  • Project works on CRM implementation

Implementation of CRM system

Usually companies prefer to ask an experience business consultant to select one or another client-oriented technology. Practice shows that attempts to save money when developing CRM technology, do “just like someone else did”, or develop such technology “in house” (using only own resources) often fail. Worldwide statistics shows that more than 95% of unaided CRM implementations end with nothing, in best cases – with the creation of common electronic notebook. In worst case the box with CRM software just stands on the shelf in a company office.

Main reason of failures is that for the company is often hard to see its own business from the side, i.e. through the eyes of potential customer. Besides, it is necessary to have a set of knowledge of business management and CRM and practical experience with CRM system.

The best course is to delegate the development of the client-oriented technology and selection of the CRM system for its automation (implementation) to the specialists. Of course, even in this case there is a slight possibility that the specialist will decide not to delve into the intricacies of a particular business and will just offer the system, well-known for him/her. But such possibility can be significantly decreased if the top management of a company will spend some time to make themselves familiar with the case and actively participate in the creation of the technology. And of course, just thoroughly select the implementation consultant!

Implementation costs differ depending on the region and complexity of implementation tasks. It is better to clarify service cost with the company which officially performs such services in your region.

There are two possible means of payment for implementation services:

  • The service costs are defined by price of an hour of work of a specialist – consultant or programmer for the project.
  • The company implementing CRM and the client negotiate the cost of a whole project, thus “paying for result”; regardless of the time needed to perform the task.

Depending of the project tasks, used CRM product and needed functionality the cost of implementation works can be equal to the cost of CRM licenses or exceed it several times.

Support of CRM system

Different variants of support are possible:

  • Free support with unlimited term.
  • Monthly paid support
  • Half a year or yearly payment calculated as percentage of license cost (usually about 20 % a year).

The support service package can include different set of services: update and reference manuals describing how to use the CRM system, consulting by phone or email, emergency visit of a specialist in case of system failure, etc.

After calculation of cost of all components we will get the total cost of ownership of CRM system.

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